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January 20th, 2008

Where Humans Live, The Corals Fail

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The world’s coral reefs are in alarming decline, and a recent groundbreaking study singles out human settlement, especially coastal development and agriculture, as the main culprit, even more so than warming sea waters and acidification linked to global warming.

The study found that declining reefs are endangering species of wildlife as well as tourism and fishing, which are vital for the local economy”, says Camilo Mora, of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. This meant continuing degradation of coral reefs may be soon beyond repair. And there certainly won’t be enough time for second or third chances.

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January 19th, 2008

The Predatory Species called Man

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It seems that it is human nature to be predators. It seems that it is a natural human instinct to seek control over others. That is probably the biggest mistake of the Master. The fact is that we humans should be here to protect and preserve, and not to conquer , all other natural life. It is probably high time now to set things right on the scale of evolution, and improve things around here.

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January 17th, 2008 is DreamHost website of the Month!

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Dreamhost Site of the Month

Thousands of new websites get created everyday. When we designed the website, we wanted it to reflect the professionalism, high service quality, love of the water and absolute pleasure of diving – we believe we achieved that. But we sure didn’t expect to become DreamHost’s top website!

DreamHost is the host server for thousands of websites from all over the world. We gave our webmaster Eric a simple brief – make the website come alive and show our customers from the globe just how wonderful a sport scuba diving is. Eric put his genius to work, and in a matter of weeks, put and our website onto the map of the world!

If you haven’t seen our website, come visit – tell us what you think honestly. If there is stuff you want to see on our web pages, let us know Or give us ideas on how we can improve, tell us about it. And if you like what you see, we want to hear about that too! We welcome all honest feedback!!!

January 6th, 2008

New way to look at diving or just an old way revisited?

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Scuba Diving in Krabi

Going in the water for me is still a thrill every time, even though I have been diving since I was 14. And I am not going to tell u how old I am now, even if salt and pepper hairs crowd my head.The unbeatable sensation of being weightless, especially now with a few more kilos on my belt , of flying around pushed by the current, of hovering on top of a reef, searching for the smallest being on the rocks and looking for new encounters. The pleasure in diving can be achieved from the smallest things.Unfortunately I see many divers coming in and out the water, with long faces full of expectations not fulfilled. Expectation can be a life poison, instead of looking around and trying to understand the marine environment, some divers go into the water hoping to see mantas, sharks and so on…and at the same time, they crash onto coral reefs as nothing if happened, making Mother Earth’s efforts in vain. Destroying and complaining in a perfectionistic and materialistic way is such a reflection of their life on land. Observation forgotten, respect forgotten, care for others disappeared. It seems the only important thing is to have a trophy to show once back, a shell collected even if forbidden, a nice shot taken, at a cost of a broken reef. Disregarding the hundreds of years it has taken for the coral to grow, in a slow motion, patient and firm, like an old wise man.

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January 5th, 2008

Resident of Krabi – Yellow Tiger-Tail Seahorse

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Tiger-tailed Sea HorseRinging in good tidings for the new year, a newly immigrated resident to Krabi was spotted by one of our instructors on New Year’s Day. At 4-cm long, he appears pregnant. Yes, “he” was pregnant as the male in this species are the ones to get pregnant and productive!

Krabi, south of Thailand, is the gateway to the famous Andaman Sea where scuba divers and snorkellors from all over the world convene as winter approaches in the western world. Famous for its incredible waters, great visibility and huge variety of dive terrain, Krabi is a must-stop for all nature and water lovers on vacation in Asia. operates the premier scuba-diving and eco-tourism center in the heart of Aonang, the sea-side town of Krabi. Here, you can launch off to the amazing Similans, Richelieu Rock, Phi Phi islands, Phuket and Lanta. And lets not forget the relatively unexplored local Krabi waters where the caves and caverns provide a great underwater adventure. And here is where we found our Tiger-Tailed Seahorse on New Year’s Day!

Seahorses are amazing creatures. The seahorse is one of four families in the syngnathiform family which also includes pipefish, flag-tail pipefish and seadragons. They swim in an upright position with their tails down and their heads up using their dorsal to move forward and pectoral fins for steering control. Also unique for their prehensile tail (able to twist & grasp),tube-like mouth (with no teeth), and small gill openings. Seahorses (like chameleons) can even move their two eyes independently of each other.

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January 4th, 2008

Big Trouble For Big Fish – Save Napoleon!

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Video of Napolean Fish

The Napoleon Fish One of the world’s largest reef fish is being hunted to the brink of extinction. The Napoleon Fish are being caught to feed a growing demand among wealthy Chinese diners around the world for luxury live fish.The Shark Fin Reef on the famous Similans Islands north of the Andaman Sea in Thailand is a great spot to watch at least 2 of these magnificent creatures at any point in time. We have had the pleasure of watching these guys from the first time I dived this site back in 2001. So lets do our bit to help them stay where they are best appreciated in the water.

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January 2nd, 2008

Tiger-tailed Sea Horse found off Krabi!

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Sea HorseOur latest discovery – a resident yellow 4-cm long Tiger-tailed Seahorse has been found just off Koh Ha, a local Krabi dive site, on New Year’s Day. We believe he was pregnant…yes, we said “he” because in the world of seahorses, it is the male that gets pregnant and produces the babes. We know the exact location and believe we can find it again. So join us at Koh Ha on your next dive.

Best time to dive local Krabi dive sites is Dec to Apr each year so this is a great time to descend into the variety that local Krabi dive sites offers. Apart from intriguing micro-life, lots of colourful lion fish and other “regular” marine fish, there are also the caves and caverns in the local areas to explore.

Our boat “Catalina” goes out daily to the dive sites of Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Lanta. For more information, email or visit us at Ground Floor, Sea of Love Plaza (opposite McDonalds) in Aonang Krabi. Or email your enquiry for dive trips here.