January 4th, 2008

Big Trouble For Big Fish – Save Napoleon!

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Video of Napolean Fish

The Napoleon Fish One of the world’s largest reef fish is being hunted to the brink of extinction. The Napoleon Fish are being caught to feed a growing demand among wealthy Chinese diners around the world for luxury live fish.The Shark Fin Reef on the famous Similans Islands north of the Andaman Sea in Thailand is a great spot to watch at least 2 of these magnificent creatures at any point in time. We have had the pleasure of watching these guys from the first time I dived this site back in 2001. So lets do our bit to help them stay where they are best appreciated in the water.

The Napoleon Fish is one of the largest and most spectacular of all coral reef fishes, capable of reaching 2 metres in length and living more than 30 years. Scientific studies found that this fish takes a long to mature and stays an adolescent for an extended period – making them unable to withstand heavy fishing pressure. Considered a delicacy because they are caught young (and tender) and yet are impressively a large fish on a dish, the beautiful Napoleons are fast disappearing from their natural environment.

Today, more Napoleons are being removed from the wild than they are able to reproduce fast enough to replace those lost. The inevitable consequence is declining populations, if nothing is done to stop this exploitation. Many countries have protection policies in place but this rarely translates into any real action in conservation.

At KrabiDivers.com, we are regular operators for the Similans. Our philosophy, strictly practised by all our staff and crew members, is that we discourage our customers from disturbing these lovely creatures whenever we visit their homes in the Similans and around Krabi waters. The waters and marine life around Krabi have been designated as a national marine park by the Thai authorities. But, there is still so much more we can all do to help save these incredible creatures.

Please find out more from us on what you can do to help – email info@krabidivers.com with your subject “Save Napoleon “.

This article was written by Damien, one of the owners of KrabiDivers.com – an ardent believer in preserving marine life. If you have any thoughts on this article or wish to speak with us about marine conservation, please email Damien@krabidivers.com.

KrabiDivers.com is the premier scuba-diving and eco-tourism provider located in the heart of Aonang, the seaside town of Krabi in Thailand. Krabi is the gateway to the Andaman Sea of Thailand where water and marine lovers from all over the world convene to visit the amazing dive sites of Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, Lanta and the Similans and Richelieu Rock. Our instructors can provide course instruction for all levels of scuba diving certification, and we are professionally accredited with PADI. Visit our website www.krabidivers.com to find out more about how we can help you have a great holiday, enjoy some spectacular dives and conserve the marine environment.

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