January 6th, 2008

New way to look at diving or just an old way revisited?

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Scuba Diving in Krabi

Going in the water for me is still a thrill every time, even though I have been diving since I was 14. And I am not going to tell u how old I am now, even if salt and pepper hairs crowd my head.The unbeatable sensation of being weightless, especially now with a few more kilos on my belt , of flying around pushed by the current, of hovering on top of a reef, searching for the smallest being on the rocks and looking for new encounters. The pleasure in diving can be achieved from the smallest things.Unfortunately I see many divers coming in and out the water, with long faces full of expectations not fulfilled. Expectation can be a life poison, instead of looking around and trying to understand the marine environment, some divers go into the water hoping to see mantas, sharks and so on…and at the same time, they crash onto coral reefs as nothing if happened, making Mother Earth’s efforts in vain. Destroying and complaining in a perfectionistic and materialistic way is such a reflection of their life on land. Observation forgotten, respect forgotten, care for others disappeared. It seems the only important thing is to have a trophy to show once back, a shell collected even if forbidden, a nice shot taken, at a cost of a broken reef. Disregarding the hundreds of years it has taken for the coral to grow, in a slow motion, patient and firm, like an old wise man.

I still instead deeply believe that divers could make the difference and be part of a conservation project or just be more respectful in the water (and why not above too). Divers can spread the word all around, teach their fellow divers and friends about the marine environment, show others how many beautiful beings populate our Mother Earth. It’s not that difficult to grow respect for all living things, and the first step is self respect, and with unconditional open mind to accept the differences as beauty and not as an obstacle. Different colors and shapes, different smell and forms. This is our world.

Sea Fan

These differences make the world unpredictable and fascinating. Lets look at it as it is and not as we would it to be, because up to now we really haven’t done a good job. Lets pay attention to the underwater world – where multicolored pink, blue, red and white soft corals are there to be spotted, ancient table corals are there for protection of small fishes, majestic sponges with medicinal properties, gorgonian sea fans standing up as if thrones of fairytale mermaids, simple brown rocks housing thousands of micro life beings….all together just like in a busy city center, running around it, filling the smallest caves and holes, in a frenzy. It appears in front of our eyes while the only sound heard is our breathing through the regulator, and the chanting of damsel fishes just below the surface.

If only one time, we would be able to look at the world with kids’ eyes, then and only then, will we rediscover the pleasure of the incredible life running just below the surface. If we can still believe we can make the difference, all can happen….a new behavior, or the ancient way, the way of our forefathers, when just what was needed was taken in full respect of the great mother like a tuned chorus singing in unison, it will rise from the deep bottom of our souls and surf up reaching us all, in a great embrace where all human and living beings finally can stay together with a mutual respect, living in harmony, while the souls finally will breathe through this new way, making us feel proud of doing right, of being gentle, of being really what we were all supposed to be – the most clever evolutionary living beings in heart, sons of this mother, strong of the point that indeed we are the only ones capable of preserving, respecting and protecting all those creature which are weak and incapable of any defense, against a horde of unbelievable humans ready to chew the world and spit it after a second, wrongly believing that once destroyed we will get another chance.

No sorry, our chance is now – and not only for us, but for our children and for the children of our children, because even the yet unborn have the rights of seeing, smelling and feeling this beautiful planet, the caring mother, that we call Earth.

Corrado, the writer of this article, is a passionate diver, not only for the sport but also for conservation of the beautiful marine environment. As general manager at KrabiDivers.com, Corrado is a strict believer that all divers should first learn to respect the underwater world. At KrabiDivers.com, we will guide you into the marvels of the marine world – but in deep appreciation of what Mother Earth has given us, and with respect for the all the living creatures beneath the surface.

To find out more about how you can be part of our efforts to conserve the marine environment, contact Corrado@krabidivers.com. Or if you have any other questions email us at info@KrabiDivers.com. Or visit www.krabidivers.com.

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