January 19th, 2008

The Predatory Species called Man

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It seems that it is human nature to be predators. It seems that it is a natural human instinct to seek control over others. That is probably the biggest mistake of the Master. The fact is that we humans should be here to protect and preserve, and not to conquer , all other natural life. It is probably high time now to set things right on the scale of evolution, and improve things around here.

More… I have seen divers in the water, riding mantas, disturbing the blissful sleep of a leopard shark, grabbing onto a gentle whale shark. Just because these gentle creatures are known to be harmless and defenseless, humans visitors to the marine world tend to get a thrill from invading the space of these creatures. Imagine if a human met with the great white, they would naturally feel fear rising inside, as humans are perceived to be the prey. Similarly, imagine the fear of the gentle creatures being molested by humans, or ridden on like at the rodeo. To those who do that, the joy is ephemeral, transient and evaporates in seconds. But there is sometimes a huge price that these gentle creatures have to pay for being touched by humans – sometimes it is even a death sentence.

Do you know that just a gentle touch can infect a whale shark with dermatitis? Humans do not belong to the marine environment and dermatitis could cause the creature to become weaker and lowers her resistance, until other sharks may end up hunting and killing her. Why disturb the sleep of a leopard shark? He will only move deeper and deeper into the rock shelters so that other divers after that will not be able to see him anymore. Why compromise the delicate environment? We humans are indeed the most cosmopolitan and definitely the most invasive animal on earth, sometimes acting like a virus cell, spreading our predatory bad habits and ills – then leaving it behind us with no remorse – and starting again in another spot. While I write, whale hunters from a poachers’ ship are holding 2 crew members of another ship hostage, whose only fault was to deliver a letter of appeal to stop the killing of whales in that protected area. Thousands of gentle giants are killed in absolute silence. And did you know that the whale fat that is harvested is used to make candles and beauty creams, and a whole host of other things that are often taken for granted? As long as there is a demand for these products, the killing will continue. Often, animal poachers on land are being fought and arrested, that’s really well done. There have been just too many cases of gorillas, rhino, tigers and other beautiful creatures killed without shame.

Gorillas in the Mist


Who can forget the movie “Gorillas in the Mist” – a true story, and truly touching. But sea creatures are subject to even more abuse and destruction. They are systematically killed every day. Technologically-advanced ships are being sent to kill whales en-masse, with no or little controls in place to stop them. Lets stand up against all this, please lets at least realize what’s going on and do our own little bit for the preservation of the beautiful marine life. For instance, lets refuse to eat shark fins soup. Sharks actually have a fantastic immunity system that can lead to a cure for cancer, that preserved sharks could serve research in medicine in the long term, and we should stop killing them just for the pleasure of their fins in a broth.

Once, the Great Chief Indian American “Red Cloud” said “when all the animals will be killed, all the waters polluted, all the forests, woods and prairies destroyed, then and only then, human beings will realize that money is not tasty to eat”. Corrado, manager at KrabiDivers.com, makes his appeal to join him and abandon bad habits and irresponsible behaviour that support destruction of sea life.

If you have a point of view to share, or ideas on conservation, please email Corrado@KrabiDivers.com. Visit our website and find out more about how we dive the wondrous waters of Krabi in harmony with our water friends www.KrabiDivers.com.

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