Explore these Beautiful Wonders with our Friendly Dive Team

Over 250 species of catalogued marine life and numerous natural underwater formations in these sites promise to captivate you and keep you mesmerized underwater. Above water, laze about on pristine milky-white beaches on your non-dive days.


Krabi is a quaint coastal province that is home to luscious green forests, soft golden sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters. Located south-east of Phang-Nga province, it is a great place to relax and of course, to do some fabulous diving. Much of Krabi province has been designated as National Park and is preserved for its pristine beaches and natural forestry.

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Phi Phi

Many do not realise that the famous "Phi Phi" actually consists of 2 islands, Koh Phi Phi Don (Big) and Koh Phi Phi Ley (Small). They lie about 42 km west of Krabi and are easily reached in under 2 hours by boat. With shimmering crystal blue waters, milky white beaches, luscious green forests and a landscape of majestic limestone cliffs, the islands are well known for giving visitors the absolute pleasures of paradise.

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At close proximity from each other, all of the Phuket dive sites allow for a most amazing day trip out on the boat. Always promising you of some most interesting sightings, Phuket dive sites are famous for their vast array of colours, large and small marine life, and incredible soft corals and multi-colored anemones.

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Similans & Richelieu Rock

The famous Similans offers a fascinating variety of dive sites that will charm even the most experienced divers. From rocky pinnacles and fringe reefs, to the magnificent boulder dives with many shallow swim-throughs. Visitors to Thailand simply cannot miss out the Similans. Reached mainly via liveaboards and charters, the Similans has so much to offer everyone, that you couldn't possibly complete the experience within just a day or two, so if you are planning for the Similans, make sure you set aside at least 3 to 4 days if not more. "Similan" comes from the word "nine" in the local language as there are 9 islands that make up the Similans giving all an endless journey of pleasures.

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Koh Lanta

Located south of Krabi province is a series of world-class dive sites which many say rivals the marvel of the famous Similans. In a section of Lanta are islands with numerous caves and caverns that are easy and safe to explore. Also part of Koh Lanta are the popular Hin Daeng and Hin Muang which are the deepest drop-offs in all Thailand and offers some truly stunning diving amidst the steep walls and lush soft coral gardens.

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