Koh Lanta

Located south of Krabi province is a series of world-class dive sites which many say rivals the marvel of the famous Similans. In a section of Lanta are islands with numerous caves and caverns that are easy and safe to explore. Also part of Koh Lanta are the popular Hin Daeng and Hin Muang which are the deepest drop-offs in all Thailand and offers some truly stunning diving amidst the steep walls and lush soft coral gardens.

Hin Daeng

 Image of Koh Yawabon Hin Daeng ("Red Rock") is a submerged pinnacle covered with healthy soft corals in various shades of red. And don't forget to keep looking all around you into the blue, as many divers have reported frequent sightings of the majestic manta rays and gentle whale sharks here. Hin Daeng pinnacle protudes 3 meters above water but underneath, it drops straight down to 70+ meters of absolutely stunning surfaces of intriguing microlife.

Hin Muang

 Image of Koh See Hin Muang ("Purple Rock") is Thailand's highest vertical wall and has earned its distinctive name from the purple corals that covers her. Totally submerged, one side of Hin Muang levels out at 60 meters while the other disappears into the abyss. Vast carpets of anemones envelop the shallower sections of the reef, while you interact with the vast fish life.