Advanced Open Water Diver

Junior Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Pre-requisite: Open Water Diver & at least 15 years old (at least 12 years for juniors)
  • Cost: 11,500 baht
  • Duration: 2 days

Do you want to experience real adventure? You can with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. The PADI Advanced Open Water Course “Adventures in Diving” program is the next step beyond the Open Water Certification. This course aims to expand your knowledge and skills gained in your Open Water Course, and to develop more confidence to broaden your diving experience. To complete your “Advanced Open Water Diver” certification, 5 different Adventure Dives are required. The following are the most popular adventure dives:

Deep Diving – Experience the excitement and wonder of diving up to 30 metres below the surface. This lets you explore less visited sights such as wrecks, caves and more.

Navigation – Ever wondered how experienced divers find their way around a dive site so easily? With “Underwater Navigation” you will learn some of the secrets of maneuvering yourself in the deep water, including using a compass and the natural environment to assist you. These are great skills above water as well!

Night Diving – Just as marine life changes from season to season, it also changes from day to night. Many fish seldom seen during the day emerge at night allowing you to explore a whole new world. The biggest misconception about night diving is that you cannot see a thing! Just as your eyes adjust to a dark room at night, they will do the same underwater. The Night Dive is commonly regarded by divers as the most rewarding Adventure Dive.

Underwater Naturalist – This dive lets you examine the relationship between marine creatures and their surrounding environment. You will learn to identify some of the fish, plants and animals that you see regularly, and how your interactions affect their behaviour.

Wreck Diving – Some of the most thrilling diving experiences are at wrecks. This dive allows you to confidently navigate yourself in and through tight spots without getting yourself trapped!

Our Advanced Open Water Diver courses are usually conducted on board our own purpose-built dayboat “The Catalina”. Or if you wish to learn your Advanced course on a dive safari trip or if you have any other requests, simply let us know and we can make the arrangements for you.

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