Dive Master

  • Pre-requisite: Advanced & Rescue Diver; At least 25 logged dives
  • Cost: Price upon request
  • Duration: Designed to suit your timeframe and experience

The PADI Dive Master course is the first step to becoming a scuba diving professional. You will gain the experience and knowledge needed to recognized globally to obtain paid employment anywhere in the world within the scuba diving industry. What a way to make a living or travel the world! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to earn-as-you-dive, doing something that you love? The tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in South East Asia and all around the world. Achieving Dive Master with KrabiDivers.com you will be well on your way to becoming a true industry professional.

For many divers, the challenging Dive Master program is not just to build a new career path, but also as a personal achievement, to build the highest level of water confidence and skills.

All theory and skills lessons are conducted over 6 days. You can choose to complete them all in a week or over a few weeks. You are also given the opportunity to gain practical industry experience working under the guidance of one of the professional instructors from KrabiDivers.com. During this time, you will assist other students training both in confined and open water, and on a variety of courses from Open Water to Rescue Diver.

At KrabiDivers.com, we take great pride in our Dive Master courses, where we will be teaching well above and beyond the minimum PADI prerequisites to fully prepare our trainees for real conditions and situations. You will gain experience on our dive boat “Catalina”, working with real customers and other dive staff, benefiting from their history chest of experiences and possibly sharing a few of your own…

You will probably find that our Dive Master course is one of the most challenging around. To start the program, you only need to have at least 25 logged dives. By the time you finish the program, you should have added at least another 60 more! We believe in pleasure under pressure.

“Get A New Life” Program
Many new divers have come to us for help to go from “Zero to Hero”, and turn them into professional Dive Masters. If you have dreams of starting a totally new career in scuba diving, but think you can’t simply because you haven’t any experience diving – think again! At KrabiDivers.com, our “Zero to Hero” program is a fast and economical way of achieving your professional scuba diving qualifications, while you enjoy paid employment. This comprehensive program includes the following courses:

1 PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
2 PADI Rescue Diver
3 PADI Deep Diver Specialties
4 PADI Dive Master

In as little as 6 months, you can complete this program. Whether you are looking for a new and exciting career, or just to get paid for doing what you love doing, you can learn the right way with the trained professional instructors at KrabiDivers.com. We will help you to become all that you wish to be.

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